Thursday, February 24, 2011

Judgy McJudgy

Okay. First of all, what happened to punctuation? I can barely read some of these emails without any breaks in sentences. Secondly, the guy who sent this to me is a nerdy and white. Interesting.

"hey just found your profile i am a rapper :) i work with 102jamz and am abotu to have a single on the radio i think its phenomanal you work at radio please tell me more also you like rap/hiphop i have some stuff on youtube i woulds love to show you what high school did you go to i went to one in greensboro ragsdale :)"

I'm not trying to be picky. But a girl has GOT to have some standards, right? Right?! Chances are, if you use the word CHILLAX in your profile, it's not gonna look good.


  1. Haha! He said he works for Jamz?? Really?? I am laughing out loud. Is it Sound Machine?? Only white guy that I know that works with us on Jamz.....not interns. Bahaha!

  2. bahahaha either that or he is just saying it to try to sound cool.. then you could really call him out b/c you actually do work for the stations. wow. awesome.

    sounds like some quality choices out there for you Jenn... sorry. I'll work on making Robby make some new single guy friends.