Monday, February 28, 2011

Date night.

Had a date last night. With Ben. Yep, Ben & Jenn. It had a nice ring to it. No?

Well, apparently Ben also lived in the same world I did my whole life where I told everyone (and secretly believed it to be true) that I was 5'7". Ben said he was 5'8". Ben was not 5'8". That is kind of one of those details that you can't fake. Thank god I wore flats, cause standing at a whopping 5'5" was Ben... and Jenn.

The height wasn't the reason for my lack of interest. He is also 32. Which in theory didn't seem that much older than my 25, but lifestyle wise, we are VERY different. I have a feeling i'll get another date request out of him.. we'll see.

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