Wednesday, February 23, 2011

grammar check

Got this lovely email from a stupid dating site.. and all I have to say is... David, call the cops. Someone stole ALL of your punctuation.

well im david im 25 and i been on here for awhile no and still havent had any luck but im being patcient though im new to this thing and it ask me to tell yall a few tings about me but well here it goes i havent dated in a couple of years now and im just looking for a girl thats down to earth with everything ill tell you how it is but im a very nice person i love to impress the lady that i take out and show her the attention that she wants but dont get me wrong if you show to much i could run them off but i like to show her the world and of to my friends and family im kinda looking to settle down but not at the moment i wanna finish scool first and i wanna girl that has a good sence of humor dosent lie honest open minded outgoing and can act her self around anyone at any time


  1. wow... i had trouble reading that. haha - you set up a date?

  2. OMG I cannot even read that. SOO annoying! I hate when people make facebook posts like that, too!