Thursday, February 11, 2010

Today, I have a funeral to attend. I have been very fortunate that in my 24 years that i've only had to attend one other funeral: my Great Grandmother. She was 94. She lived a full life. This funeral, however, is for a man who was taken from his family too soon. Being only in his fifties, his life was still beginning. While I did not know this man personally, I do know his son. And he has now been robbed of his father all too soon. Life is short. It's unfair. Grab a hold of your loved ones and cherish them.


  1. Keeping you all in my thoughts!

  2. i nominated you for a beautiful blogger award - view my blog and follow the instructions!!!

  3. your absolutely (sp?) right!!

    i tell my husband, family, friends....everytime after i leave them, hang up the phone, say good-bye...
    how much i love them!