Wednesday, February 24, 2010

house hunting

I have an appointment tonight with my realtor to see a condo. I know, I know. I said a few months ago that I decided I wasn't ready to buy something as I am in my early twenties and still single. It seemed like too much of a responsibility. However, I think i've had a change of heart. I went through a stage last year where I felt like I "had to keep up with the Jones." All of my friends were settling down, getting married, having kids. And here I am, still living like i'm 19- focused only on my career rather than who i'm going to spend my days with. Surely, buying a house would make me feel accomplished, right?! Wrong. I was doing it for all the wrong reasons. To keep up. But now, I feel like it's actually the right time for me to start looking again. Things in my life are just taking a turn for the positive, and I think this is the next natural stage in my life. We will see. Keep your fingers crossed that I just absolutely LOVE this place! :)

1 comment:

    A condo? Oh-La-La Momma!!
    I'll keep'em crossed for ya!! :)