Friday, February 12, 2010


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Thanks, Sara, for the nomination!

1.) I have moved 13 times- not including moves while in college- and I'm only 24. I could be considered professional if only I were better at packing.

2.) When I was little I used to sit in a clothes basket and read in the closet with a flashlight. Hey- you call it weird, I call it eccentric.

3.) I have a degree in interior design but the only thing that has come of it is I have an office that resembles a living room more and more every day. Zebra print lounge? Check.

4.) I have a phobia of unfinished wood. Popsicles, corn dogs, and wooden stirring spoons give me the chilly willies. Actually just thinking about these things gives me the chilly willies. eek.

5.) I don't eat meat on a bone. It seems primal. and I dislike even more to be sitting across from someone eating meat on a bone. You order ribs? Check, please.

6.) I used to dance competitively- despite my obvious current lack of rhythm for anything other than the perculator.

7.) I hit the snooze button ever morning 9 times- in increments of 8 minutes. My body knows this and I even roll over and stare at the clock every morning one minute before the first alarm goes off- hand ready to attack that button. It's almost a game I play with myself. A very very lazy game.

Seven bloggers I nominate (in no specific order):

Miss Jody-

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  1. Thank you! Thank you!! Your a sweetie :)

    yes, the meat comment is true....I do confess and like ribs though...but I cut the meat off or just pull it off...
    The reading with a flashligh, in a laundry basket, IN a closet cracked me up!!!!

    I tried to convince my mom when I was in 1st grade to let me sleep in a crib b/c I wanted to feel like an animal in a cage!ROAR!!