Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Just call me Malibu Barbie

So, no one should have to view the paleness that is me in a New Years dress. With this in mind, I decided that a spray tan would be the perfect solution (being that I'm making a serious effort these days to NOT get skin cancer.) So, I make the appointment for after work yesterday and headed over there well aware of the uncomfortableness ahead of me. Not only is it not fun to stand half naked in front of a stranger, but it's even worse when it's someone you used to work with. I told her I was going for a pretty natural tan- considering i'm blond and pretty fair skinned to begin with. After she finished the application she had me stand in a standup bed for 3 mins to dry. While in there, I held onto the poles to keep my arms away from my sides. Unknown to me, these poles were covered in spray tan solution from other people. Today my hands look like i've been playing in clay. As for the rest of my body? I just got back from Brazil.


  1. Thank you for the info...I have always wanted to know the process of this.
    now I do.
    No way will I let someone do this to me!
    You have alot of guts!! EEEEKKK!!!
    But if that's what you look like after-your adorable :)

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