Wednesday, December 23, 2009


It is Christmas Eve Eve. I am sitting at my christmas light covered desk staring into space. Going on hour 8 of staring into space. The office is a complete ghost town. No, seriously- like the only people here other than me are the jocks who are on the air right now. There is only so much wordmole I can play on my blackberry to pass the time. I've comtemplated leaving early- but it's always those times when someone seems to need me. Where's Jenn? Oh yeah- she went to lunch....4 hours ago. My loafer clad boss has been making the rounds through the building. I suspect just to see who's actually lame enough to work these days before Christmas. I I can hear those loafer's comin from a mile away. This is a skillset unlike any other that I'm acquiring on these slow days.

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