Friday, December 4, 2009

If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it.

Seeing as how my sister informed me yesterday that my blog has been lame lately- I figured I'd better give it an update.

Tonight is our company Christmas party... themed "Entercom's got Talent." Oh yes. There is a talent show portion. Of course, I couldn't pass up THAT opportunity. However, being that my only given talent in front of a crowd is to stand and look akward, reinforcements were needed. There are 7 girls doing what we call an "Entercom Re-mix." It's a mash up of songs to represent our 6 radio stations. It's goes a little like this:

Oh Happy Day-
Boot Scootin Boogie-
Single Ladies-

We have been dancing our butts off every day for about two weeks to get it right. There is some comedic relief through out the routine that surely will win us the $500 1st place prize. The best part is that no one knows we've been working on this... oh well, and the fact that our 70 something year old receptionist (mentioned in a previous post, "crazy Connie") will be doing the single ladies dance along with us.

Look out co workers. We got this.

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  1. Woot! Woot!!
    Have a great time:)

    I hope u guys win!!