Friday, November 20, 2009


So, a month or two ago- Sara, Tish and I decided that we should see New Moon in the theatre at Midnight when it opened. This seemed like an amazing idea, before we realized that the day after was our annual radio charity food drive- Make a Difference Day. Which means a full day of playing nice with the competition in a Walmart parking lot. We were told to arrive TWO HOURS before the movie started to assure that we could sit together- as they sold out SEVEN theatres. We were surrounded by what can only be described as screaming Twilight obsessed tweens. And even got the privilege of sitting next to these two twi-hards. Seeing as how we were about 10-15 years older than the majority of the theatre- I could have done with a few less "We love you Edwards," or squeals of delight when Jacob was shirtless (which by the way is the majority of the movie.) And yes, I mean you, Sara and Tish. very mature.

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  1. It was amazing... and yes we did run out of the theater as soon as it was over.. at least that was a pro to being on the end of the row. haha "team jacob!" for life! lol he is beautiful!