Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Crazy Connie

Currently- I’m sitting at the front desk covering for our receptionist while she’s on lunch. Our receptionist, who happens to be in her mid seventies. I’m bobbing my head to the music and just now realize that she has left her music on for me to enjoy. It’s rap. Not like boom boom pow rap. Like hard core Jamz rap. And while, I’m incredibly annoyed that she sat on the couch and balanced her checkbook while i’m wasting an hour of my day to sit up here- I can’t help but like her. Her bangles all the way up her arm. Her love of rap music. Her SUV with canoe racks. The fact that she told me once that she had to break up with her boyfriend because he was “too much into swinging.” A little bit seemed to be okay. Or the time she asked me if I had a doobie she could buy. I certainly hope that when I’m old, I’m still kickin’ it like Connie

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