Wednesday, November 18, 2009

For $5

In the nursing home one evening, the old man looked over and said to the old lady, "I know just what you're wanting. For $5, I'll have sex with you right over there in that rocking chair."

The old lady looked surprised, but didn't say a word.

The old man continued, "For $10 I'll do it with you on that nice soft sofa over there, but for $20 I'll take you back to my room, light some candles, and give you the most romantic evening you've ever had in your life."

The old lady still said nothing, but after a couple minutes, she started
digging down in her purse. She pulled out a wrinkled $20 bill and held it

"So you want the nice romantic evening in my room," said the old man.

"Get serious," she replied. "Four times in the rocking chair."

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