Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Years resolutions:

- It's officially get out of debt 2010. Budget in motion.
- Stop gossiping. Even though this isn't a big problem for me- i'd prefer to be know as someone "who never has anything bad to say about someone else."
- Start standing up for myself more. And in a way that when I do, people don't just think i'm in a pissy mood.
- Start saying "no." Just in general- I don't have to please everyone all the time.
- Stop online shopping- refer to first resolution.
-Have a yard sale and get rid of stuff that is collecting dust. Clothes included. I do NOT need 42 pairs of jeans.
- Figure out exactly what my goals are instead of spending everyday effortlessly just to get to the next.
- Start making important decisions completely on my own and not count on other people to tell me if something is a good idea or not.
- and last but not least- Take a vacation to somewhere tropical!


  1. Great resolutions!

    I love'em :)

    The gossiping one is on alot of others' blog??