Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Who you are vs. who you used to be.

As i'm embarking on four years out of college, it hit me. Somewhere along the way, in between job hopping, apartment hopping, guy hopping and even friend hopping, you kind of become, well, an adult.

In college, I couldn't wait to graduate.. to hit the ground running. Because, after all, I was headed to Chicago to be a big time designer. Now? I work in radio and signed my life away to a mortgage. Well, the next 30 years anyway.

I've always claimed to be a free spirit. I was the go-with-the-flow-up-for-anything friend. I didn't argue, and I certainly didn't stick up for myself. Now? I have to be in control. at. all. times. I am a worry wart and having a unorganized plan may as well be no plan at all.

I used to love being single. Who needed all that couple drama? Now? I loathe the single life. and I have come to the conclusion that I love, love. And most likely have imagined this fairy tale of what is to come for me- when in reality, it's quite possible i'm going end up single at 40.

I was the girl who walked up hill to class in 4 inch heels. I couldn't imagine going out with anything but. Now? You'll most likely find me in flats. Flats of any kind.. boots, ballets, sandals.. anything without a heel has my name written all over it.

At the end of the day... this is me at 25. and at 30? Who knows. Though, one thing i'm sure can only get better from here.

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  1. I love you!~ :) not the kind you are looking for .. but just so you know! - yah that was huge for me and maybe don't bring it up in real life.. i might get awkward.. haha j/k